Inverter Batteries-How to Choose?

In this era, it has become difficult to imagine a life without advanced gadgets and appliances.From power generation to storage of electricity, technology has come a long way. When the power supply gets cut in our homes or workplaces, life seems to stop. These situations can hamper your work and daily routine and create hassles for you. Therefore, to avoid such situations, you must have an inverter as a back-up with the best inverter battery.

A battery is an important component of an inverter. It can either be bought along with the inverter or separately. The reliance on these batteries is exceptionally high as the performance and life of the inverter depends on it. Hence, you must select the best inverter battery.Many brands provide a variety of inverter battery options online and in stores. Reputable brands such as Luminous offer inverters with one of thebest inverter batterysystems.


However, before making any choice, you must consider these things to select the best inverter battery:

  • Comprehend Your Power Requirement

The first step when you choose the best inverter battery should be the evaluation of your power requirement. Calculate the amount of power required by the appliances during a power supply cut. You must consider the gadgets and appliances that you want are used during a power cut.These can be home appliances such as tube lights, refrigerators, television, computer, and others.Take a look at the table for better understanding:

Fan 80 Watt
Tube light 40 Watt
CFL 20 Watt
Television 120 Watt
LED Buld 8 Watt


Let us assume that you want to support 2 fans, 2 tube lights, 2 CFL bulbs, 2 LED bulbs and 1 Television. Your total power requirement will be (2*80 + 2*40 + 2*20 + 120+ 2*7) = 414 watts. So, you need an inverter battery that can support 414 watts.

To follow, addingthe consumption together determinesthe watts of energyrequired for them to function every hour (Wh). It is the quantity that defines the amount of electric energy measured and delivered by the best inverter battery under different conditions. For the working of all these appliances, you must ensure that your inverter battery can substantiate the requirements. Therefore, it is necessary that you choose the best inverter battery, which can support these appliances.

  • Considerthe VARating of the inverter

VA rating stands for Volt Ampere rating. It denotes the power of inverter in terms of voltage and current supplied by an inverter to an appliance. An ideal situation is when the total value of watt is the equivalent to the VA value. Inverter capacity is measured in VA, whereas battery capacity is measured in Ampere Hour (AH). If you wonder why there are two ratings, here is an analogy:

Take consideration of a water well – we use a bucket tied with rope to bring out(pull) water from the well. Battery capacity can be compared to the level of water in the well, whereas inverter capacity is the size of the bucket that you can pull out water in. Thus, battery capacity is the total amount of stored electricity, whereas inverter capacity is how much of the total stored electricity can be served in a single time. For the same reason, it is important that you properly match the inverter and battery ratings. It also helps you decide the number of inverter batteries that you might need.

  • Understand Inverter Battery Size Requirement

Before you select a battery for your inverter, you must know the size of the battery that is needed. If, in a situation, you purchase an inverter battery that is not compatible with the size of your inverter, you will not get the desirable results. Hence, the size of the battery is crucial. With so many options in the market of batteries ranging from 60AH to 220AH, it is essential that you select the best inverter batterywith appropriate backup delivery to utilize optimal performance.

  • Choose from the Right Type of Battery

When looking for the best inverter battery, you should understand your needs and then accordingly choose from the various range of batteries. There are primarily two types of inverter batteries:

  1. Flat Plate Batteries

In a flat plate battery, the shape of the plate is almost flat. The plate contains two components – structure (made from a lead alloy) and chemically active components (made from lead dioxide). The flat plate design ensuresinstantaneous high current discharge &faster charge recovery. They provide an uninterrupted power supply to your electric devices and home appliance during frequent power cuts.

  1. Tubular Batteries

In the tubular battery, plates have a pencil-like structure. The inner core of the pencil is made of solid lead alloy, which is used as a current conductor. Chemically active components (made from lead dioxide) are placed around the inner core. The complete pencil-like structure is surrounded by resin-treated cloth, to retain everything inside. These low maintenance batteries are best suited to support a heavy load. They are suitable for deep cycle and frequent power cut applications.Additionally, under tubular batteries, there are two different bifurcations based on the overall size of the battery, namely:

  1. Short Tubular

A short tubular battery is best suited where space if quite limited. It can go inside of a low height cabinet.


  • Compact Size
  • Ease of Installation
  • Durable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Longevity in terms of service life
  • Ranges from 20AH to 150 AH
  • Life ranges from 5-8 years


  1. Tall Tubular

A tall tubular battery can be used to operate electrical appliances with higher power consumptions. Tall tubular batteries offer damage resistant designs and range from 110AH to 225AH.


  • Highlyefficient
  • Longer service life
  • Uniform distribution of positive active material, delivering longevity
  • Expected durability of 8-10 years
  • Best suited for frequent and deep discharge application

Keep these steps in mind before purchasing the best inverter battery, as you will enable optimal performance. Similarly, in situations when you must work from home, and there is a power outage due to bad weather conditions, an inverter provides you with the necessary support – given it is backed by the best inverter battery. Renowned brands such as Luminous offer solutions to all your problems with a collection of inverter batteries. They offer a comprehensive range of flat plate, tubular, and gel inverter batteries. So, understand yourpower needs and select the best inverter battery while buying inverter to save yourself from power hassles.


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