Intl Immersion Program of IIM Sirmaur at SDA Bocconi in Italy concludes

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, June 30: The three-week credited International Immersion Program for students of IIM Sirmaur at SDA Bocconi, Milan concluded today.
The program was held between June 11 to 29 at SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan in Italy. It was one-of-a-kind program offered by IIM Sirmaur in collaboration with SDA Bocconi which aimed at providing 360-degree immersive learning experiences by means of in-class sessions, case analysis, simulations, company visits and various activities that provided insight into Italian and European culture.
The program marked inclusion of areas of operations, supply chain and project management etc., besides reflection on broadly international business and global economy. The custom program complemented the IIM Sirmaur curriculum with an added exposure to the dynamics of European economy, operations of leading European automobile manufacturers.
Select SDA Bocconi Faculty who delivered the sessions included Prof Olga Annushkinas, Prof Andrea Dossi, Prof Framcesco Gallman, Prof Vitiliano Fiorillo and Prof Silvia Zamboni.
The closing ceremony was presided by Prof (Dr) Neelu Rohmetra, Director, IIM Sirmaur, Prof Giovanni Tomasi, Director of Corporate Custom Program and Prof Olga Annushkina, SDA Bocconi School of Management in which the students were awarded course completion certificates.
Prof (Dr) Neelu Rohmetra, Director, IIM Sirmaur, while speaking on the occasion, hoped that the program served its desired objective whereby the students were trained and engaged by world class faculty of SDA Bocconi and its allied corporate alliances. She highlighted the importance of IIM Sirmaur’s association with Bocconi School of Management and established how both the institutes are looking forward to a long, symbiotic partnership.
The first week of the International Immersion Program at SDA Bocconi began with Prof Olga Annushkina’s delivery of macroeconomic aspects and effect of demographics on the Italian economy. This discussion was followed by a walking tour to the wonderful Duomo di Milano cathedral, the Milan stock exchange and the Castle Sforzesco di Milano.
The second week of the program started with a visit to the ‘Ricci Curbastro Winery’ in Franciacorta, where students had the opportunity to understand Gualberto Ricci Curbastro’s understanding of the market. This visit was followed by an engaging session on International Finance by Prof Andrea Dossi, a course on Operations Management and discussion on Lean management.
The final week of the Program was about supply chain management and project management, taught by Prof Vitiliano Fiorillo and Prof Sylvia Zomboni, respectively. The soccer game between IIM Sirmaur and SDA Bocconi was also organized.
Prof Diviani Chaudhuri, Prof Vikas Kumar and Prof Pradipta Patra accompanied the students on behalf of IIM Sirmaur.