International Women’s Day

This has reference to the beautiful writeup ‘Dedicate the day to unsung women’ by Promila Kaul Pandita (DE, March 8, 2021). The writer deserves huge applause for highlighting the need to celebrate the role of unsung women in various spheres. The international Women’s Day was celebrated all over the world including our UT too on 8th of March this year. On this day many programmes were organised in educational institutions and other offices in honour of women. Distinguished women were invited to deliver lectures on the multifarious role and issues of women and women who distinguished themselves in various fields were felicitated.
There is no doubt that condition of women has improved a lot over the last few decades due to various factors such as educational and medical facilities, women centred schemes and above all, awareness in the masses regarding gender equality and girl education .It is an undisputed fact that women play a major role in shaping the society properly. Their multifarious role as mother, sister, wife, daughter etc cannot be defined in words .Moreover, many women in India have occupied important positions such as President, Prime Minister, Ministers, bureaucrats, Civil and Police Officers .They have raised the glory of their motherland by clinching medals in international sports competitions and performed their duties so efficiently in the fields such as Armed Forces, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy etc which were considered exclusively meant for men a few decades ago .Not only this, women have proved their worth as writers, enterpreneurs, bankers and in other spheres both in the Govt and private sector. Their performance in academic and professional examinations is commendable and generally girls outshine the boys in the various exams conducted by different State Boards of School Education .In other words, there is no sphere which remains untouched by the women. During the Covid_19 ,women employees especially those serving as doctors, paramedics, paramilitary forces etc played their role as corona warriors so efficiently.Govt too has launched various women oriented scheme such as Beti Bachao, Beti Padao, Sukanya Samridhi Yojana, Ujjwala Yojana and many other such schemes to empower them and improve their plight.
Yet amidst all this rosy picture of women empowerment, many a time there are disturbing reports of girls and women being molested, gangraped, subjected to domestic violence and harassed at workplaces.All this is against our ethos and values in India where girls are reverred as incarnations of goddesses .Though there are stringent laws for various sexual and other crimes against women ,crime graph against women and girls has been growing up.Thus ,there is need to take steps to change the mindset of people and teach our youth to learn to respect them .Mothers too ought to instill confidence and good values in their daughters and provide them good education so that they walk around with confidence and courage and become self confident ,self reliant and bold .Women should also learn to love their mother-in-laws, who, in turn, should treat their daughter-in-laws as their own daughters .They should free themselves from the stereotypes and venture out for new and unexplored spheres and destinations .
Ashok Sharma,
Housing Colony, Udhampur