International Dogra Society starts fund raising to fight COVID-19

Excelsior Correspondent
LONDON, Mar 28: By starting fund raising internationally, the International Dogra Society has started a great initiative in this testing time of COVID-19 pandemic.
Team IDS started fund raising is directly linked to Jammu and Kashmir relief fund made by the secretariat of Lieutenant Governor G C Murmu. The team has requested everyone to join International Dogra Society in contributing to the Jammu and Kashmir Lt Governor Relief Fund. People and organizations, who want to help fight the pandemic and support IDS initiative, can now donate in this fund by clicking the link:
Lalit Sharma (Founder & Director International Dogra Society) said: ” It gives us immense pain to see how people around the world are affected by the growing COVID-19 pandemic. Many are without food, basic necessities and struggling to make ends meet. On top of it there is a challenge of scalable medical system to manage pandemic at this proportion. We have to support our people to get through this. Together we can fight this battle against Coronavirus. Let all the people in Jammu and Kashmir be healthy, not deprived of food, basic necessities and medical infrastructure. Help our authorities to support us during these trying times, every little helps.”
Vikrant Gupta (Director International Dogra Society) said: “Along with this fund raising we are also calling, video-calling and messaging all of our community around the world, specially the aged and single people who are stuck inside alone. Taking help of people emotionally and at the same time we are also educating them on symptoms of Corona virus and what they can do to prevent it.”