International Community must fight terrorism

Terming terror as the biggest challenge not only to a single country but to the entire world, Prime Minister Narendra Modi , at the most important platform of the World Body, the UN General Assembly, yet again exhorted the world community to get united to fight terrorism. Why he spoke this with emphasis, is to strengthen the immortal principle of ‘live and let live’ and abhorring of violence and spilling of blood to fuel hate , prejudice and discrimination . He sent the message to the world community and shared the information about the great civilization of this country as having never promoted war nor invaded any country but having delivered the message of peace – ‘No Yudh but Budh’. As the leader of the country which has for centuries together preached peace , amity , co-existence and tolerance but unfortunately been a victim of vicious terrorism from Pakistan, Modi invoked humanity and human values for the sake of which terrorism had to be nipped for ever.
Getting perhaps a premonition of what Pakistani Prime Minister had to offer to the World Body from the same platform , Modi projected India in its intrinsic truer form that of upholder of peace and tolerance as compared to worst type of rabble rousing of ‘bloodbath’, ‘ nuclear war destruction’ , Kashmir , RSS, hate hysteria and the like by Imran Khan. So much was he in anger and in un – statesmanlike postures that he ignored repeated red signals of telling him that his time limit had exceeded twice as much allowed. His confusion was at its top when he called Modi as Indian President. Notably, Modi spoke in Hindi, the language of India while Imran spoke in English, not his country’s language.