Install baggage scanners in Jails


We usually come across instances where jail inmates having been in a position or having arranged things smuggled in the jail barracks which otherwise under jail manuals and rules prevalent are not authorised. In this illegal practice those who visit the prisoners, usually their relatives and acquaintances many a time succeed in smuggling in such proscribed articles. Many a time the staff posted to check such illegal activities are facilitating under a connivance such things brought in the jail premises. To check such illegal activities in a foolproof manner ,hi-tech baggage scanners are to be installed in Punjab jails to make it extremely difficult to have stealthily carry bags, drugs, luxurious articles and even weapons inside the jail premises. The advantages with such a system as an inbuilt artificial ”intelligence” and auto -detection mechanism which shall make it difficult for intending violators to ”give a slip ”to such a technological device so that the jail inmates adhered to jail discipline and followed rules and regulations. Agreed, there is strong advocacy for reforms in jails and to reform the prisoners but the feeling that a jail was only a jail first and something later has got to be made stronger since it is the destination where law breakers have got to undergo punishment for breaking the law. In addition to it, there are instances of violence inside the jail premises where such things which reach there illegally and through smuggling are used. It is a right decision by all counts and all jails in the country must have such a system installed in the jails. Yes, one thing is absolutely important – to keep them functional and