inner voice

                           “Mother-My First God”
O dear mother, Oh dear mother
You give me warm, love & care
O dear mother     .
You’re my best friend
Who remove my tears,
You make me smile,
Save me from fear.
O dear mother…..
You give me a lots of ideas
You are inspiration for me,
You teach me a lesson
Don’t cry, only try & try
Oh dear mother….
I love you a lot, you also love me.
Our relation is like honey & bee.
You give me shade like a tree
O dear mother     .
You’re my mother-My first God.
Lessens my troubles & give me hope.
You’re like Golden sky, where I can freely fly.
O dear mother, Oh dear mother
I’m lucky to have your tender love and care.
Khwahish Sharma
5th A, K.C. Public School
Paloura, Jammu

You are loving, you are great,
You always love me, never hate,
In service you are never late,
My Mother Darling Mother.
You love me & brought me up,
In service you are always up.
Its my luck, my good luck,
My Mother Darling Mother.
Whenever I’m in despair,
Whenever my mind needs repair,
Dear Mother you are always there.
Thank you Mother my darling Mother.
Komal Mengi
Raghunath Bazar Jammu

When I opened my eyes,
And started to see the men wise,
You were there !
When I learnt to crawl,
And often had a fall,
You were there !
When I learnt to speak,
Which resembled a parrot’s squeak,
You were there !
When I used to throw tantrums,
And needed a cuddle optimum,
You were there !
When i would not go to school,
And would not abide by any rule,
You were there !
When i would won a small prize,
And frown at its size,
You were there !
When I advanced into teen age,
And was enduring a great change,
You were there !
When I would fight with my friend,
And did not know how to mend,
You were there !
Finally, when I am passing my teens,
I want to thank you by all means,
For being here with me,
At every single moment you could be !!!
— Apoorva Shekher
                                  “Mother- Unforgetable

“Mothers are friends, a source of light”
A long dull life, you make it bright
You share my sorrows, you give me delight
Mother is such a glow to a blow
Mother’s relation is so pure and while
Oh! Loving mother of mine
I never want you out of my sight
You make me happy and listen my plight
Mother dreamt my future and shapes it out
Your blessings are valuable infinite.
Virinder Bhagat