Inner Voice

Where is “God”?

The Sun and Stars,
Are the eyes of “God”
The days and night,
Are the calendar of “God”.
The plains and hills,
Are the play of “God”
The lakes and rivers,
Are the flow of “God”
The meadows and deserts,
Are the beds of “God”
The thorn in the bush,
Are the lesson of “God’
The beauty of birds,
Is the charm of “God”
The cries of animals,
Is the alarm of “God’
The insects and creepers,
All present the “God”,
The cattle and beasts,
Are the creation of God.
The air and water,
supplies us “God”
In all our deeds,
Tries us “God”.
The fruit and flowers,
Are the gifts of “God’
The fire and floods,
Are the weapons of “God’,
The rotation of earth,
Is the game of “God”
The stability of Sun and Moon,
Is the choice of “God”.
The winter and summer,
Are the seasons of ‘God”
The Moon and sea,
Is the tolerance of “God’
The storm and cloud bursts,
Are the power of “God”
The taste of fruit and fragrance of flowers,
Are the mystery of “God’
The cool breeze and snowfall,
Also present the “God”
The disaster and epidemics,
Are the message of “God”
The truth and “love”,
Are very dear to “God’,
The birth and death,
Are in the hands of ‘God’.
In fact the whole universe,
Is the creation of ‘God”‘
We should worship him,
I always bow to “God”.

Vidya Rattan Sharma
Nagrota Gujroo


My vote is my own right
Which can bring this nation to a great height
My vote is my own property
That it should not go to charity
My vote is my own hope
Which can tie the knot of every politician with a strong rope
My vote is my own selection
Which can bound selective party to take positive action
My vote is my own light
From which my future looks so bright
So cast your vote for our great nation
Problems like inflation, unemployment, corruption can get a solution

Phool Prakash


Who will cry if i die??
yeah am nt a superstar,
but i used to b the only star of my mum.
Am sure she did n’t want me to die.
Days are passing away,
Am also running away.
I often remember the days of good vintages,
Regrets are olways there and have been killing
me inside for ages.
Am not a coward,
Have enough courage to deal with the life.
But i want to b free now, dun wanna treat it
as my wife.
Now am leaving with the ultimate regret.
no more wishes, no more dreams.
Have lost all my hopes and it is the fact.
Still finding answer,
Who will cry if I die??
But am sure my mother did n’t want me to die.
# Some_questions_can_never_be_answered .

Bharat Vijay (Anku)


Silhouette of hazy images, longing to be recalled;
List of unfamiliar familiarities hung in a closet.
A story wrapping me up, yet not scrolled
A paper craving to be inked with a tale’s onset.
Chapters beneath the layers of me,
Buried miles down inside sands of time
Screaming to breathe, to get free;
To liberate from veils of grime.
Days spent in adoring a beautiful mirage,
Moonless nights spent drunk in beauty of moon;
Inebriated in wickedness of a camouflage,
Well-known but over-passed truths brought attune.
A majestic belief clutched hard in heart
Resisting the evident truth, an imbecile thought
Foreseeing the end of what never had a start
Mediocrity of emotions and the storm they brought.
Tight in grip handful of memories
Cluster of stars wrecked into dust
Locked up doors, missing the keys
Waiting in never ending hope, gathering rust.
Every dawn I reach a place
Where my beliefs shine bright
Every dusk, at the end of days
I see the stardust and the light.

SBT-13, JU


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