inner voice

    She’s Gone
Now She’s Gone
She was the one.
She would sit and laugh, and listen.
I lost her though.
she was my best friend,
but I hated to let her go.
She would smile, even in my dreams.
Even though she was far away,
I still hold her in my heart.
I’d pray to god for her to come back,
because my heart aching couldn’t Stand to be alone.
She was my laughter, my friend,
But now I know I have lost her.
My life has now gone dim.
I just wish she was here.
I’d do anything just so see her smile again.

Ravinder Bandral

I look up high at night
Some tiny dots of light
Not so big and not so wide
Having their own kingdom on height
Shining gently and wondering my sight
They don’t fight and are very very quite
Showing their beauty with a little little bright
I wonder they are stars
Gift of god at a very great height.
Hasnain Gani

There  are lots of stars in the sky,
But the brightest is the sun.
There are lots of flowers in the garden,
But most beautiful is the rose.
There are many voices in the world,
But the most sweet voice is of  koyal bird.
There are many fruits in the world,
But moago is the sweetest.
There are lot of stones in the world,
But most precious is diamond.
There are many gifts of God to us,
But Mother is best.
Lower Shiv Nagar, Jammu

I wish I’d never said that lie
What was the need I ask myself….. Why?
I wish I could have faced the reality,
It would have been better than impracticality.
The question arises-Do I really lack candour?
And now here is this situation, which is tense
I am thinking about the consequence.
I wish,
I hadn’t been selfish.
These lies have made me agitated
I am totally frustrated.
Everything seems to be fine, but yet again,
I think, I perhaps have a chance……
I am repentant about my lies,
And from now
I’ll refrain myself from this taint.
Now I have realized,
One should never breach anybody’s trust
Lies are noxious, that can make relations rust…..
BSF Sen. Sec. School
Look at the child who is nude,
Look at the servant to whom u were rude,
Look at the beggar who has nothing to eat,
Look at the goat of which u ate the meat,
Look at the injured street dog who is crying of pain,
Look at the poor farmer who is waiting for the rain,
Look at the person who can’t talk,
Look at the athlete who can’t walk,
Look at the sister who just lost her brother,
Look at the kid who doesn’t have mother..
Raghav Sharma