My life is not less than a festival with you in my life
Each day gives me a reason to celebrate as your wife
I have not to wait for holi to get coloured
As the colour of your love is never going to get blurred
I am not going to wait for Baisakhi for dancing at the dhol beet
As I am dancing at the rhythm to cater your daily needs
With you, my life will never get dark
As your warmth is enough to lit my heart
My world and my home gets lightened with your presence
So there is no wait for Diwali festival to feel the blissful essence
You are my infact my Santa of Christmas to look for beautiful gifts
Your conforting shoulder is enough to let my mood lift
Your existence in my life is a continual feast
When you are in life,this festivity is never going to cease
Anu Gupta




In the midst of the crowd,
The wandering me stumbling and falling.
Rushing hours with hustle-up world,
The ‘Me’ frozen, registering something
Par the world.
They call me, “A day-dreamer”,
Kiddo! I am the dreamer.
In the realm of ethereal beauty,
And boundless creativity,
Wherein, darkness threatened to overwhelm,
Let’s emerge as a beacon of hope,
A gentle ray of sunlight.
With a dimpled smile that radiates warmth,
Illuminates even the darkest shadows,
Subsiding doubts and fears,
Discovering the profound beauty of Self Love!
Amandeep Kour 12 B,
APS Miran Sahib


Life Lessons

I am a Teacher who learn from students
Some students are more dedicated than me
Some are more knowledgeable than me
Most of them are more hard worker than me
Some are more polite than me
Some are more disciplined than me
Most of them have less resources than me
Great Teachers taught me about subjects
Great Students teach me about the life
I’m an Ordinary Teacher with extraordinary students.
Abhishek Jandial
Panacea Classes Udhampur