inner voice

Gallantry Award Winners


The word gallantry stands for bravery
That our soldiers show for our country
Sometimes they stay hungry but
These are their sacrifices for country
They don’t get any luxuries
Instead they bear injuries
If they die, it becomes memory
If they succeed, it becomes history
Gallantry award winners should be our motivation
They show us the right direction
Their life teaches us to handle any situation
If we follow their path, it will lead towards our evolution
The word Gallantry stands for bravery
That our soldiers show for our country!
Harjot Singh
APS Miran Sahib


‘What Would I Have Done For My Nation’


‘What would I have done for my nation?’
I wonder, aimlessly looking at the ground
I would have never made it dirty,
Littered with bottles, cans, and bits of paper
I would have kept it neat and clean,
adorned with flowers, trees, and beautiful skyscrapers
I would have done everything
To eliminate the woe and the melancholy
That is hiding beneath the shadows
in my nation’s territory
‘What would I have done for my nation?’
I speak the question in my head out loud,
I would have hailed soldiers, doctors, and others
Who put their lives at stake for the sake of mine
Who hardly sleep a second
to give me a blissful night
I would have tried to become like them,
Strong, fearless, courageous, and brave,
Who think the lap of mother India
is the most beautiful grave
‘What would I have done for my nation?’
I ask myself, a smile gracing my lips,
This time determined to do something
To become worthy of hailing from a country like this
Navya Bhatyar




Willed to think
Of my own;
Act in keeping
With myself,
I was made
To fall in line…
Now, my ideas
Are not mine…
And my actions
But imitations
I was deprived
Of my identity,
And the world
Of the variety.
So unique, so different
Had God created me!
Surat Singh