Great Soldier of Our Nation


Great Soldier of Our Nation

Naib Subedar Bana Singh, born from our land,
Has done great work for the nation
A heroic endeavour, a glorious salvation.
He climbed the mountain of 20,000 feet
Where he and his victory meet.
Time doesn’t wait
And soldier you are great.
You don’t meet your children not your wife
And serve the country throughout your life.
You don’t live in comfort and peace
For our life to be at lease.
Through your story, I mean
You are the finest wearrior I have ever seen. Shranya Jandial (VII D)
Presentation Convent
School Jammu



Last night when I retired and slept.
At midnight I dreamt
And dreamt you know what ?
Like a humming bird I am flying
Elliptically soaring so high
Spearheading towards the sky.
Enroute met a beautiful dame
Success is her name.
Curiously she asked where to my friend .
I am on my scheduled flight
Sky is the limit I have heard.
Further she quipped how far off
Rest I will only when I surpass that limit
And distance does not matter.
Beyond that the other world resides
To which will take on during my next flight.

Col Parmjit

“Ode to the fallen soldier”

He was just eighteen when the war broke out
He dared to defend his country without any doubt,
He volunteered to go but his family denied
He firmly insisted for the sake of his nation’s pride;
He grew up listening fascinating tales of WW2
Footsteps of his grandfather he wanted to pursue,
With teary eyes and prayers on her lips
Mother packed his bag as the day dips;
As the Russian military convoys inched towards his land
He picked up Kalashnikov to save his motherland,
While guarding Kyiv bridge with handful of other men
He wrote a letter to his beloved grabbing a pen;
He mentioned that he might not survive this war zone
He may never return to his sweet home,
‘War is an inevitable evil…my love’ he quoted
‘Enemy tanks are approaching’ his fellow shouted;
Despite being outnumbered he still chose to fight
He fought with exemplary courage that night,
Hit by a mortar shell on his chest
The young soldier was finally laid to rest;
( This poem is dedicated to all those Ukrainian soldiers who laid down their lives for defending the sovereignty and integrity of their country in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war)
Tarandeep Singh
Singhpura, Miran Sahib.