inner voice

Clear skies

Are there clear skies ahead,
when all troubles are abed,
when sun shines bright on you and me,
when we’ll say things that are unsaid.
For the great rains have taken my life,
I drenched endlessly despite of strife,
still no shore for noah’s vessel,
as I look at heavens with eyes full of dread.
God tests the man he loves the most,
certainly not the best of the hosts,
but now as I see my hourglass fill,
I yern for fruits I’m missing instead.
Again I shall fill my eyes with hope,
after all there’s nothing like a infinite slope,
and at night when demons surround me, I dream,
I dream for my beautiful clear skies ahead. Jagandeep Singh
(GMC Jammu)


When you are…….

When you are with Dear ones,
Mind your way.
When you are alone,
Mind your notions.
When you are in gathering,
Mind your personality.
When you are in trouble,
Mind your sensations.
When you are with your self,
Mind your milieu.
When you are tired,
Mind your irreproachability.
When you are working hard ,
Mind your prostration .
When God Starts Paying you in the form of Blessings
Mind your self conceit.
Be true to yourself,
Atleast….. When you are with you.
Nrityashree Deepak Dutta


My Best Friend

After eight years of time,
Just before bedtime,
I called my school friend,
To recall the time we use to spend,
Then from reading hands of girls,
And comparing their eyes with pearls,
From bunking classes,
And buying same sunglasses,
Now he wants me to meet,
As the conversation should complete,
He was the one,
With whom I had so much fun.
I can’t forget the time we use to spend,
As he was my best friend. Dig Vijay Singh Billawaria