inner voice

To my father

Whenever my phone rings,I think it’s you
Despite knowing that it is impossible now
Calling me several times a day, was used to be your routine
And we both were strongly connected through this mean
Now you have gone to that heavenly abode
To which proceeds no worldly road
No source of communication can help me know about you
Your loving memories and reminiscences are only left to console me somehow
Still I long to hear your comforting voice
Even if I know that there is no option or choice
All I am hearing again and again are your recordings on my phone
As a Consolation to me whenever I am alone
I am still trying the conversation I had with you last time to recall
Never imagined that it would be your last and final call
One wish if I could have been granted to be fulfilled by any chance
I would like to make a phone call to you, my father and to get your slight glance
Anu Gupta



What is the definition of a Father?
It is very complex and difficult to understand rather.
He is a hero, he is a guide.
He makes our journey smooth, when there is a bumpy ride.
He is a motivator, he is our strength.
To make our lives better, he can go to any length.
He is like a one huge bubble.
He is someone who can never see his child in trouble.
Father’s Day is just a way to say how much we love our father.
It is just a cute expression and can never be explained rather.
Sahildeep Singh Raina
Cluster University of Jammu


What is Mother?


I forget my mother’s advice
But I realized, that she was so wise
My mother is so cute
She always settles our disputes
When she says hello
She makes a new fellow
She pins her hair
Always makes our mistake bear
Says go Mahin, Go!
With your little toe
When I walk
She cheers up me with her talk
When I go to a sage
She helps me to remove that cage
She gathers some fruits
Helps me to make my own roots
Mom, you are the best ever
I’ll love you forever
And my heart says
With a cute face
I love You Mom
Mahim Mahajan
8th D Jodhamal
Public School