inner voice

For God’s sake

To the people who backbite
Instead of negativity,
please spread some light
Just be a man of integrity for God’s sake
By the way how do you manage being
So damn fake
Where do you get the audacity
to behave like that
But truly your deeds tend to drive me mad
I know I’m straight forward, moody and
May be a little rude
But still even after being so wrong ,
look at your attitude
Whatever I am ,
atleast I’m on the face
I’m glad that I’m out of
Scandal monger’s rat race
How do you manage being extremely sweet
and then talking rubbish behind back
Applauds for your habit of enjoying backbiting as snacks
I’m speechless for people having
nature like this
For Heaven’s sake , fear a little bit .
Shiv Shakti Sunaina
Miran Sahib , Jammu


The creativity


Where do our ideas come from?
From life itself, from its mysteries
The mind recreates what it receives
As inputs, processes them
And sends out finished products,
All its own in colour and content
Demystifying some mystries,
Weaving mysteries around some…
The things around us are but
The raw materials of our life..
They seem like words, thoughts, metaphors.. metamorphosed
Into concrete objects to choose from,
To weave into a new pattern…!
Surat Singh


Pray to God


O God, change me into a flower,
So that my fragrance may spread forever.
Change me into a bee,
So that very busy I shall be.
O God, change me into a bird,
So that I may sing to the whole world.
Change me into an ant
So that ‘labour love and unity’, I may chant
Sanjay Dhar
Laxmi Nagar, Sarwal, Jammu