inner voice



Tired of everything, like nothing else
Is there any way to exit this world.
Maybe there is a way , maybe there is Another world.
The world with peace and joy.
Maybe wonder ? Why exit this world.
Well ! Ofcourse tired of double standards.
Hey girl don’t behave like this , what will others think?
Like do I really care what others think?
I am strong enough, I am warrior.
People’s opinion can’t shape my thoughts.
My mindset, my opinion, my thoughts
My mind is the one who shapes me.
Thanks! thanks! For giving the opinions
Seeing you making fun of my insecurities
And then on media posting stop bullying.
Being the introvert doesn’t mean I am dumb.
I don’t overshare a lot , me being my true self.
Yes! I am introvert, I love being alone
And being alone is my Another world.
I just want to escape this world
And doesn’t want to come back in the false world .
No ! Another world isn’t my comfort zone.
It’s the place , where I find my true self.
The world, where I prepare myself for false world.
Another world means peace and joy .
Garima verma
Hamirpur , Kathua


In the months of drought, she was a brisk rain.
Which drenched my fields, and washed my pains.
For eons and eternity, hadn’t seen the moon.
Her bright so divine, all things were at tune.
And then she giggles, and the Meadows are born.
With squirrels playing, birds chirping, a sight to adorn.
And in those Meadows she flew like a free sparrow.
With her wings spread apart, made the world sans sorrow.
I saw her fly, glide, laugh and dance.
But to drown in her eyes, never had a glance.
And I never dared to, never to set her unfree.
Watched her fly everyday, let it be, let it be.
Maybe years from now I’ll regret indecisions,
She was this close, my heart full of envisions.
For all her charms, seemed too good to be true,
But don’t ask me about her eyes, coz in that, i never looked into.
Jagandeep Singh


Teaching and Learning


‘More You Teach, More You Learn’
A noble profession, indeed is teaching
Not merely confined it is to preaching
More you teach, more you learn
Illuminate others like a candle, burn
Plan the lesson, teach well, never use rod
Students are the angelic figures, sent by God
Make education a strong weapon, remove illiteracy
Be literate, make others literate, spread literacy
A great virtue, indeed is honesty, stay away from greed
Consider all the students equal irrespective of caste, colour or creed
Dear teachers, help the poor students, don’t hesitate to give anything
Money is valuable we all know, something it is, not everything.
Alka Sharma
Rehari Colony.