inner voice


Four letter word fear, when catches up with us,
Makes it difficult to think and focus,
It makes us shiver, takes away our ability to think,
And won’t let our mind relax and our eyes blink.
Fear is of different types and nature,
Like fear about uncertainty in the future,
Each of us have an ability to achieve things,
To fly in the sky with our wings.
The never ending pit that our fears dig,
To put us in and stops us from playing big,
Failure is the only thing that fear gives,
Happy are the people, without fear who lives.
Our energy, our dreams are what it robs,
Flinging us back and forth into our confort zones is one of its jobs,
With us, horrible dreams that our imagination binds,
Are fictional occurances taking shapes in our minds,
We should enjoy the present moment and cheer,
If we were rooted in reality, there would be no fear,
Fear makes our life a place that is empty and void,
We should decide whether we are here to live our life or to avoid.
Digvijay Singh Billawaria




Like a farmer, I try to grow my words as crop
In the barren land of paper,
Like a gardener, I water my word-pot,
With my half-voice,
My twenty five years have been shed
From the tree of hope
Hoping one day I too could speak
Likewise my other friends do.
I’ve lost my twenty years
without filling voice in my words
Is there any mathematician who can calculate
How long it will take for
my words to have their own voice?
How long it will take for
my voice to recite my own words?
Rain often comes to my roof
telling me to flood my words in paper
Wind often sits on my window telling me to fly my words
Even beyond the reach of great voices
Moon had once disclosed her secret with me
That even has some blackspots on her
Sun also told me once that even
She does not remain equally
bright through out the night.
At last Nature came to my door suggesting me
To treat my ‘Half-Voice’ as virtue
And try to be a stammerer who will complete
His half voice with is own words.
Abhishek Jandial




Fear not unknown,
We reap only what is sown;
What you awe unsurpassable
May be easier than possible.
Worry not for mountain is high,
Heave no heavy sigh;
Did not General Lee say, try, try and till you succeed try,
To difficulties thus you can say good bye.
First step must to take,
How can you walk unless awake;
Slow and steady wins the race,
Dignified posture lends you grace.
To do your part must,
Idle machines soon bear rust;
Do not leave today’s for tomorrow,
Lending and borrowing end in sorrow.
Kulbhushan Gupta