DPIIT reviews progress made by social sector Ministries in adoption of PM GatiShakti National Master Plan

NEW DELHI, Feb 4: The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) has reviewed the progress made by social sector ministries in the adoption of PM GatiShakti National Master Plan (NMP).
At the review meeting, the DPIIT emphasized on the significance of adopting the NMP and the transformative role it can play in integrated planning and synchronized implementation of infrastructure and social sector projects/schemes, an official statement said on Saturday.
The Commerce and Industry Ministry said that “a whole of the Government approach” is being adopted, for better decision-making, and planning of projects such as comprehensive mapping of schools, hospitals, services and public utilities.
“Therefore, a need was felt for Social Sector Ministries/Departments to adopt PM GatiShakti NMP for the utilization of their assets, and holistic development across the country,” it said.
Innovative use of the NMP platform in planning, implementation, and monitoring programs/schemes for greater accessibility and last-mile connectivity to healthcare centers, hospitals, schools, and Anganwadi were mentioned to enhance public welfare, it said.
“Cases of adoption of PM GatiShakti in Uttar Pradesh for integration of Pahunch portal for the planning of schools with the NMP platform, optimization of planning of Anganwadi in Gujarat, 5G planning tool, and street furniture planning in Chandigarh were mentioned as case studies and best practices from the states,” it added.
The meeting was attended by 35 senior officials from 14 ministers including Panchayati Raj, Health and Family Welfare, Post, School Education and Literacy, Higher Education, Culture, and Housing and Urban Affairs. (PTI)