inner voice


When they met earlier
Time wasn’t right
Feelings were also quite light
So she chose abandonment rather than fight
Some torment some affliction some anxiety was awaiting them
There were certain people then to distrust
Forsake and condemn
But they’re glad that destiny made them
meet again
Being each other’s anchor in storms and rain
Her poetry of deep melancholy turned into happy romanticism
He made her love herself to the extent that
Even she mistook it as narcissism
And then , when they both confessed love
She made a promise
A promise to self , a promise to him
A promise to stand by each other when world appears amiable or even grim
A promise to keep their love forever the same
Same elation same spark same blazing flame
A love that grows as time goes by
A love as appealing and serene as night sky
A love that is so pure and ideal
A love that sets benchmark for real

Bear in mind

Speak whenever necessary, just break the ice,
No need to prove your goodness, be nice.
Have faith in God, the one who is all in all,
Bear in mind, all are valuable, big or small.
Don’t be sluggish, learn from trees,
Bring forth new leaves, pleasant the breeze.
Nothing is permanent, take it easy,
If you are important, none is busy.
Be determined, don’t move to and fro,
Sing like cuckoo, not like crow.
Be independent, earn atleast bread and butter,
Say relevant and precise, don’t mutter.
Move ahead, no use to cry over spilled milk,
Be proud of your cotton dress, don’t cry for silk.
Alka Sharma
Rehari Colony

In memory of the Tree

Through whose twigs
The pleasant sun would
Peep: present a mystic
Ambience in the morn;
Under whose shade
Old men would sit
And talk of the wisdom of yore..
Hiding in the foliage,
The birds would chatter
At dusk and perch
There through the night…
A standing witness to the past,
There was a grand tree,
Only in the memory now,
Where the motor cars whiz
Dust and soot and smoke!
Surat Singh