inner voice


From birth till now,
I see them behind me,
working without getting tired,
and I don’t know how.
They never stop loving,
and I ever listen to them.
But I can see that they
have become more caring.
They teach me day and night,
because they want
my future to be,
successful and bright.
Now their care is quite apparent,
and I know this now,
that they can never give pain,
as they are my PARENTS. Kanishk Prashar
Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School.


Song of youth


Me and my nation India
As a young citizen of India,
Armed with technology, Knowledge and love for my nation.
I realize, small aim is a crime
I will work and sweat for great vision,
The vision of transforming India into a developed nation,
Powered by economic strength with value system
I am one of the citizens of a billion,
Only the vision will ignite the billion souls.
It has entered into me,
The ignited soul compared to any resource,
Is the most powerful resource on the earth,
Above the earth and under the earth.
I will keep the lamp of knowledge burning to achieve the vision- Developed India.
Sanjay Dhar
Laxmi Nagar
Sarwal, Jammu.


Lost Morning


When I was a child , I was blessed
As I entered my adulthood I am stressed
I am stressed and my life is depressed,
Depressed of every single thing….
I’m a bird with no wing
I am in search of time machine
I want to go back to those days…
Eating Cornetoes, fun pop and lays….!
Playing whole day till the sunset
Having that red face and getting wet full of sweat
From riding cycle in the streets to
Bike ride on roads
From school exams to boards
The journey was so great
I know these days are not in my fate
So my life exited through childhood’s gate…!
From pencil in my hand to pen
Now dealing in three digits firstly
I used to learn counting from 1 to ten
From being a child to men
The journey was so great
I know these days are not in my fate
So my life exited through childhood’s gate
Watching whole day those cartoon
Playing in my streets in the Noon
Sitting at top of terrace, counting stars and staring at the beautiful moon..
Beautiful moon has lost somewhere behind clouds and is beautiful no more
Life has become just like sea without it’s shore!
Childhood is a fresh and beautiful like morning in a day…
Live it happily before you enter the evening of your life as the old men say….!
Jassmeet Singh