inner voice


This is my world, full of corruption
Instead of peace here everywhere is destruction!
Some earning living, by killing dreams of many
Remember, God had issued everything to be shared with everybody
O man! by sweet tongue you spread the hate
Then you say, it’s your faith!
Talents naked, and the coats bribers wear
Destroyed your nation, being so unaware
O man, you have to die don’t forget
Never do something for what you will regret
For the sake of my nation, I have to write
Against the corruption, we must fight
Build your future, be so fair
Then the happiness you will see everywhere
Share every blessing and stop destruction
End corruption, and start construction
To save the world, its my right
Together we can give others the light Mahfooz Ahmad Bakshi

Courage to choose kindness


She was afraid of this world,
Despite its beauty and wonders,
She thought of life as her salvation,
Or another one of her blunders,
Inherently, she knew that people are good,
And that life couldn’t be so tough,
But no matter how kind she chose to be,
For some, it just was never enough,
She reared no malice in her good heart,
And they said that she was being fake,
She had less friends but was friendly to all,
And suddenly her reputation was at stake,
It’s not that she didn’t make mistakes.
At least she wasn’t morally corrupt,
But the judgments that were thrown her way,
Often felt painful and abrupt,
Some lovely people in her life,
Showed her a path out of the blue,
They said, “You can be both kind and strong.
So, nobody can question the good in you”.
The most valuable lesson that she learnt,
From the memories that haunted her like ghosts,
Was that the unkind people are the ones,
Who usually need our help the most. Nausheen Padha



I would mock-fall from the toy horse,
And would get up over again to ride,
And until when the play had no charm,
The age having outlived the same..
Now, the toy was replaced by the real..
And no sooner had I mounted onto it,
Than it flung me down to the ground.
Getting over the fear I had resisted
To sustain against the brute bucking.
Broken in with yet another try,
The horse has been galloping on
With me straddled amid grief and joy!
Surat Singh
Ramban, Jammu