inner voice



Plains, mountains, valleys and snow,
Every landscape makes me bow.
Beautiful, lovely and awesome sight,
Food that gets tastier with every bite.
So many festivals, each overjoyed,
Each of those, I have over enjoyed.
Beautiful monuments over the sand,
Every religion is respected in your land.
Where kings and rulers are still remembered,
Ancient guns, forts and monuments not crumbled.
Dragon leaps on this golden land not feared,
No sword raised now on the land so revered.
About you many stories I have heard,
Many invaders you blocked and unnerved.
Roads, railway stations and airports,
Lawyers, judges and great courts,
With great players in every sports,
National flags on household and forts,
O India, full of bravery and might,
Crowned with various successful flight,
Moving full speed day and night,
Where I stand tall and upright,
At times I find myself flying like a kite,
On your path, I see my future bright,
I bow before you day and night.
Wow, you India of my dream, Sanvi Rajput,
We are none you are supreme. Gurugram]


75th Anniversary of Independence


It is the 75th anniversary
Of independence of India
It is the anniversary
Of those who sacrificed their lives for India.
We always remember their sacrifice with tears.
Who spent their lives in jails for years.
We never forget those braves,
We always honour them with flowers on their graves.
They always inspire us to lead the nation.
How can we forget their
Sacrifice and contribution.
Independence is the fruit of their martyrdom,
Always respect our soldiers who laid their life for freedom.
Pay tribute to our freedom fighters,
That time of philosophers, poets and writers.
Let us celebrate the 75th year of Independence,
Let us salute to each and every member of Defence.
Satish Chandel
Sr. Lecturer (Physics)
Govt. HSS Jakhbar (Kathua)