inner voice

Last Goodbye

Abusing and fighting, accusing, and denying
I can’t believe that I’m still with you
You say that I’m worthless
You say that I’m wretched,
But I failed to know why?
I locked myself in the bathroom
Drowning myself in my sorrows
Heaven seems to be so far and yet so close
I can hear your voice in my head
Waiting for the nightmare to end
There’s so much smoke in my mind
And you’re accusing me all the time
I hear the sound of an ambulance
I’m begging them to let me die
I’m begging them to let me end this nightmare and go to the afterlife
I can feel the demons coming
They’re taking me home
So, this is a goodbye for the first and the last time
-Arushi Rai


I dream about you


Every night I sleep , I dream about you for a while,
Before my sorrows wake me up,
And form a pile .
A glimmer of your sight cheers up my day ,
Just like the winters sun peeping through my curtain drape!
Clinched to your soul, even though we met once,
But can’t say much as I am the guy who only runs
The day we met, you froze me like ice,
You became the flavour to my spice and the curry to my rice !
Of all the days that were good,
And thanks to the ones which were bad ,
Swear to God, it was the best time I ever had!
An arrow pierced my heart and made it bleed !
That was a reflection of our bond like soil and seed!
Arnav Sharma
Balota Upperla


The light


One day as I decide to walk
Walk into the night full of darkness
I see a glint of light
Glint full of affection
As the evil darkness covers the glint of love ,
I decide to ramble into the dimness again
As I walk and walk into the sunless night
All of a sudden I plummet into a deep trench
Like a ship sinking into a deep ocean
A deep ocean full of wickedness and woe
I try and try to make my way out
Out or the sinful and corrupt ocean
As hard as I try I keep falling deeper and deeper
I realise it’s to late
And wish if I could turn back the clock
And make sure the light defeated the dark
But then instantly I see a splash of light again
This time it’s filled with more stronger feeling of love and affection
As I try to move closer towards the light
It wraps me with its blanket of calmness and peace
And whispers in my ear
Don’t worry , I will always be with you
As your mom and dad
– Amani