inner voice

‘The wings’


No wings to fly?
Never bother about it.
The art of flying
No more is a secret
Even if no wings you have
You might travel all the countries
Without visa or passport.
You can imagine the things
Even if they don’t exist;
You have the power
To visualise the things,
A bird you are
Who knows no boundaries.
Pour ink on the words,
The words will speak
So, my dear,
Never feel worried
About the wings
For you’re born
With the wings
A poet you are.
Alka Sharma
Rehari Colony.


The Desires

We all need a major flight.
And we will achieve when our intentions are right.
When the thoughts are good, there is nothing to worry
We will achieve what we want and we should not hurry.
The lines become clear and get easily located.
When the space required has been created.
We become aware with good sense.
The crowd of sorrow is removed and nothing remains dense.
There is a requirement for things to remain in tandem.
Because some things that happen for us are very random.
There is always a need to feel the fire.
And we must achieve what we desire.
Sahildeep Singh Raina
Cluster University of Jammu


” I want to fly”


Yes I want to fly through
the woods so deep.
Yes I want to fly through
the air that doesn’t sleep.
From the deep ocean to
the snowy hill,
Among those nestlings,
waiting for the food still.
Sitting under a tree,
sharing a cup of tea,
Ravishing blooms, chirping
birds, warm breeze and me.
Jovian mankind, optimistic
sunshine, these are the
only wealth.
Then only the earth is said
to be in the pink of health.
How much has this nature
given us? Just make a note,
Listen to the sound of wind
that’s whispering,
”the ball is in your court”
Rohini Nagar



Life is too short to take tension
Just believe in yourself and follow your passion.
Don’t waste your time on deciding what is right and what is wrong.
If you believe in yourself, you can run in this race very long.
There would be ups, There would be downs;
Consistency is the key to get that “SUCCESS CROWN”.
Experience is important, not the outcome but,
You will be the winner if you avoid all the shortcuts.
You Can !! You Will!! Just keep this in your mind,
Forget about quitting, get back to the grind.
Let them criticize, let them shourt,
Always try to learn, but never let yourself down.
Have faith, have plan and then proceed.
One day, believe me. You Will Succeed.
Sneha Patwari