inner voice


Doctor ! What is a Doctor ?
Brother, sister, father or mother;
I think above all these
With their love they make patient pleased;
They really are Almighty’s best creation
Remain ever ready to serve the Nation,
Almighty might have put some magic in them
Caring tongue affectionate eyes you find in them;
Having motivational power with healing hands
Charming personality with positive attitudes;
They belong to the Religion of Humanity
Heal the patients make them to live honestly;
Oh Doctor! You really are so wonderful
Treat the patients and make them hopeful
Yasmeen Salutes the Doctor’s duties
The real humans with pure natural beauties;
Yasmeen Ahad




Climbing a mountain seems a tall order,
grabbing my spectacles makes it easier,
As I don them, clear is the border
without them it feels like world without colour.
Great craft is made with scissors by an artists,
cutting paper, a masterpiece is born,
Removing my unwanted parts, makes me the best,
Because only with art can I be adorned.
Everybody misunderstands the tough stone,
Thinking it a weapon, they all reject,
But who knows it may be someone’s bone,
It may not hurt but only protect !
I am happy that my sister is my right hand,
So it feels that I am living in a Wonderland
Namisha Chadha
Presentation Convent Sr. Sec. School




Here is pleasure, there is pain;
One day sunshine, other day rain.
One gets success, other faces failure;
One laughs louder, others well down tear.
Some are stout, others weak;
One man arrogant, other is meek.
One tops in merit, others go down;
One man smiles, others frown.
Here is winter, there is spring;
One man mourns, others sing.
One man possesses a hut, and other a mansion;
Some are rejoicing, some have tension.
Some are rich, others poor;
Some have sober mind, others sour.
People are strange, listen oh koul!
Every man plays different role.
Ashok Koul Ratanpuri