inner voice


A rose in a vase
Slender and velvet
Scarlet petals
Thorns, not to touch!
Facing away lost
I wonder what she thought
Perfumed, her sublime scent
In my rustic home
Her presence wards off
My loneliness
Days pass by
I open the pages
Of a book
A sudden waft
Something touched
My heart
As I watched
The dry brittle….
O’ Rose
Shujai Shaminotra


She hid her Light

She hid her light, not far from view,
This world looked strange, alienated and anew,
Closed her eyes, as of sun didn’t know.
Her agony being alone, long lasted now gone,
The beauty of her heart, shined like a flashing throb.
Just like dark and deep, scars have a story to reveal.
Those crevices of her heart, are yet to be healed,
Its the same place where, all her secrets have been sealed,
Soothe her soul, mend her heart,
Call her back, she isn’t so far…
Sona Khajuria


‘My Mom’


Her eyes are beaming with compassion and affection
Where I see immense blessings for me
A sea of tranquility I feel
In her soulful voice
Her smile gives me
Thousands of reasons to live my life gleefully
A sacred place is her lap
Where I find solace and peace
A fragrant rose is she
Who blooms with
Grace and glory
Amid thorns and storms
She has no lack of time for me
A source of unconditional love
And eternal bliss
The one whom I trust the most
She’s my world
She is none other than
My mom.
Alka Sharma
Rehari Colony



In my life, I loved you,
you lost giving me no clue,
So you ignored me,
giving rejection, dejection, depression
tears and wounds.
But I do hope and trust,
that we will unite forever
in next world,
because my love for you is
pious and true.
Vijay Singh Jamwal
Durga Nagar, Jammu