inner voice

Being Yourself

Being good and stylish is sometimes a big deal.
When we are up to its task, we get its seal.
The change is inevitable and sometimes correct
All the bad memories get erect.
The outer pomp is just shadow and substance.
It is when you become carefree and don’t like any chance.
The glances are sometimes taken for granted.
And even in the crowd of people, you feel unwanted.
You are strong and never make yourself underestimate.
Because there are so many opportunities, it is up to you to them.

Sahildeep Singh Raina
Cluster University of Jammu



Its 2 a.m but I am unable to sleep
Your memories again made me to weep,
Myheart is bleeding but eyes are dry
You are impossible to forget how hard I try.
Your thought suddenly struck my mind
Cute moments with you my brain starts rewind,
Tears roll down like drops of morning dew
The only crime I did is fallig in love with you.
I hide my face away from these tears
It hurts so much to be sincere,
Your emptiness flows through my every vein
I am lost in my world slowly getting insane.
I am writing this rhyme to let you know
In this circle of life people come and go,
I wish I could have more time to stay
Just wanna see you always till my last day.

Tarandeep Singh
Singh Pura, Miran Sahib

Writing A Book Is like

Writing a book is like,
turning your incidents
into emotions, to be lived again,
by somebody, someday.

Not to feel alone
being relatable to youl
somebody, someday
will appreciate you
for being you.

Someday, somebody
will find a resting home in you,
A little world of yours to comfort
you never knew.

Writing a book is like
healing the world
gently unheard
with your vibes as cures.

Sona Khajuria