Inner Voice


No joy in the day, no leisure at night.
Alas! O life!
You have to face what a plight.
No day, no light. Only nightmare followed by daymare.
While looking around, only depression and death in the eyes do stare.
The moments of ecstasy and joy have become now rare.
Living confined within four walls of our house.
With the walls developed stockholm syndrome.
Hardly some moments available to spare,
Which we could have with dear ones.
What a bad time! We are living in; No day, no night.
Only night and daymare.
Whom to blame? All are our own. So, blame game not fair.
Covid pandemic is a war against human race. A challenge to its existence.
But the wise say, in love and war all is fair.
So, no option and choice but to accept and face whether night or daymare.
Divided we fall. United we stand, and the challenge we dare.
[In memories of those who were snatched from their beloved ones by the pandemic covid-19. A tribute]
B L Nimesh IAS (Rtd.)

Affection better than Perfection

Judging someone’s performance through the lens of hundred percent perfection,
would lead to bitterness, isolation and depression.
Having zero-error expectation is like a maverick person’s obsession,
Or like asking for the moon or precision in landing of a satellite on another planet.
It’s not the doer is a rookie or a novice,
In many other fields, he too is being lauded.
Sometimes, inspite of best efforts and shots,
mistakes are bound to be caused.
Ignore minor mistakes and flaws.
Rise above trivial issues and faults.
Continuous poking and nagging,
Assuming oneself to be an iconic perfectionist,
breaks other person’s heart.
Why to set so high standards,
causing frictions and brawls.
Nobody has either all accomplishments or is he a know-all.
Time and right practice is required to overcome the flaws.
In the pursuit to attain perfection,
two individuals are drifted apart,
bringing fear and disregard and
shatters other person’s confidence and morale.
Whereas affection stitches together
two minds and two hearts.
Motivates the performer to better the performance and work hard.
Never be impatient.
Patience and appreciation laced with affection matters a lot.
This talisman would make your life easier and full of respect and love.
So, showing affection, rather than demanding perfection is a lovesome and heart winning thought.
Asha Mahajan