Inner Voice


To sustain the pride,
It’s necessary to fight.
There is no place to hide;
Battle is needed to end the defeat’s night.
To upkeep the glory,
To make my life a legendary story;
Also to get glory’s horse to ride,
It’s necessary to fight.
To upkeep the pride,
To continue to stand at that height;
And to fly victory’s kite,
It’s necessary to fight.
To sustain the pride,
To bring to the life, the shiny light;
To become the holder of the great might,
It’s necessary to fight.
Ishan Sharma


I feel
But I don’t show it
I feel the pain, the joy, the sorrow
I do have bruises that just don’t heal.
I wear a mask
Just like you all do
No one is real.
With a personality others make,
I keep on living in this world that’s fake.
We all just show the world
How our life is just perfect!
Deep inside we all are broken
But this emotion is not shown
It has just drowned
In the ocean of our ego, greed and showoff…
Infinite life seems so still
I’m lost in this fake ocean so big
It’s hard to trust,
Hard to find someone so strong,
Who can handle my emotions
That will definitely
Never fade away…
Ananya Mahajan


Oh butterfly; beautiful and bright.
Come to my balcony, in my sight,
fly hover above my flowers,
and try to reach high towers.
Come into sight by dawn,
and totter in my lawn.
Everyone loves you,
Whether you are pink or blue.
Come butterfly and meet me.
Don’t shroud behind the leaves.
Come and get life in the lifeless garden
and don’t think that you’re a burden.
You are tender and endearment,
and we see you with full fervant.
Oh butterfly beautiful and bright,
Come to my balcony, in my sight.
Sanvi Rajput