inner voice


Always be God-Fearing, when you are in trouble he is always hearing.
The troubles may cause us to break, but life is never a piece of cake.
The change is true and important to the core.
The less we think, what we get is more.
Be bold, brave and always daring.
And we should never stop caring.
The time is changing and taking a rapid stride.
It is up to us that it never becomes a bumpy ride.
Take the blessings of Lord and have belief.
This belief will always bring a sense of relief.
Sahildeep Singh Raina
Cluster University of Jammu


Ode to a Butterfly

A colourful creature
With delicate wings,
‘ O ‘ Butterfly! Butterfly!
My heart joyfully sings,
Follow the rains and
flow with the winds,
Dance with me and
flutter your wings,
Red, blue, yellow
and even many more,
You looked perfect
In each colour you wore,
Sit on the flower’s
or sit on the leaves,
Feed on the nectar
and pollinate like bees,
Touch my face
and kiss my eyes,
Shimmer under moonlight
You look so nice,
Hold my hand
and lead my way,
Sparkle your Colors
and be my ray,
Come play with me
Hug me so tight,
Unfurl your wings wide
And fly like a kite,
Butterfly! ‘ O ‘ butterfly!
As told by my mother,
That you and flowers
are made for each other.
Tarandeep Singh
Singhpura, Miran Sahib.



It’s her body, It’s her choice,
You are no one to raise your voice…
She can wear what she wants,
She’s not there to fulfill what society demands…
Having her own life,
Having her own dreams,
Being born from such a beautiful womb,
Society is no one to decide her tomb…
She has the power…
She has the range..
She is the only one who can bring the change..
Manvi Mahajan
Ramnagar, Udhampur