inner voice


She has always been overburdened with worries
Tensions just never go away from her
She didn’t lose hope,
Everyday smiled with a sigh,
Started the things from a new way,
Tired, stressed and again lost at the end !!!!
She smiled, lit the fire in her eyes and burnt herself
To the fullest.
Finally one lucky day,
She won.
She got her place,
From where there’s no comeback,
No stress,
No worries,
No tension.
She has left all the materialistic things of the world,
Reached at the place of contentment,
Her soul,roaming freely in the sky,
Laughing out loud at all the betrayals,
At all the mishappenings,
At all the worries…..
With a deep sigh of relief,
She smiled at lost world and flew away at a very far place!!!!!
Vidhi Mahajan, XII, Udhampur


Success is a game
Play it well and you’ll get the fame.
Never give up bud
Even it take yonks to notch up
Failure is a part of it
You gotcha face it a bit
Inculcate the idea of success and hope
Even if you face counterproductiveness and go down the scarp
Submerge in this beautiful ocean
Believe me it is a powerful potion
And years after when you’ll be lookin’ at yourself,
You’ll think , damn!
What a vista man!
Arsheya Sharma


Evening time

How pleasing and peaceful is evening time O dear!
Everything looks solace giving and fair.
Birds seem chirping at every nook,
They go on singing hook or by crook.
The murmuring sound of water in every brook,
How pleasing is bluish waters look.
Everything looks calm and murky one,
It’s seems nature’s work is profusely done.
The evening follows by starry night,
Everything and creatures look pretty and bright.
The moon at night gives pleasing light,
It is a wonderful and spectcular sight.
How can I admire evening time O Koul!
It gives peace and serenity to every soul.
Ashok Koul