inner voice

Bye- Bye 2020

The leap year 2020 is fading out,
It was the worst year, no doubt,
Anti-CAA stir spilled out,
The protestors continued to fight,
Ominous COVID-19 made people ill,
Brought the world to a standstill,
Prolonged lockdown subdued zeal,
Galloping virus made the task uphill,
The terms Negative, positive, quarantine became common,
As corona proved to be a demon,
With sanitizer, face mask, lifestyle saw a new way,
The people struggled to keep the virus away,
Physical distancing divided people,
As COVID-19 became palpable,
Health workers put up a valiant fight,
But the virus made the situation tight,
As the virus spread its tentacles,
Mounting death figures became a routine spectacle,
Many Covax candidates entered the fray,
But their efficacy continued to be gray,
Job loss, slow down, increased the fear,
As uncontrollable virus put the economy in reverse gear,
Webinars, Virtual Meetings, Work from Home,
Kept people confined to their homes,
Government’s “Atmanirbhar III” came with many sops,
Multi crore rupees package revived little hopes,
Eve’s safety remained the cause of concern,
Hathras gang-rape sent shivers across the nation,
Multiple acts were brought in to dispel eve’s fear,
But “Nirbhayas” continued to be hounded by fear,
Amid pandemic, China continued to indulge in disorder,
20 Indian Army men killed in Galwan along the border,
Pak continued the ceasefire violation,
Indian troops fired in retaliation,
Pandemic also witnessed continuing toppling games,
In Madhya Pradesh, the Congress failed to BJP’ game,
In the US Presidential election, Republicans witnessed a slump,
As Democrat Joe Biden ousted Trump,
Farmers’ staged agitation over farm acts,
The government struggled to present the facts,
At the fag end, the new corona variant became the cause of concern,
Made the world to take extra precaution,
Let’s hope that in the year 2021,
We bounce back and emerge number one.
Raju Vernekar


Fresh Year

Let the ro arina winds roar
Wolves are busy with their roar
Everyone wants more & more
Let us follow the open door
Let the wicked continue to tremble
Follow your route, with approach humble
A tiny drop may result in a stream
Let us observe what our souls dream
We have to keep our mind on the alert
Free our thoughts from every dirt
Let us not let our heart rule our mind
Let us see which way blows the wind
Let bygones be bygone
Let us work to dusk from dawn
Let us avoid the diverse view
Let us welcome the year new
Amit Kumar