December, please go

O You december last month of the year,
Please take with you all the sadness and tears.
You are the last hope ,
That after you there will be happiness scope.
I really hope that next year would be best ,
There will be no covid positive test. December don’t go alone ,
Take with you all the fear of Corona which is sadness bone.
This year was worst to bear,
Now, we want to go here and there.
O you December please listen to me,
Take all the sadness with you I plea.
Arpita Sawhney


When there is family, there is assurance.
This is the time, you need no insurance.
They give you shelter, they stand by your side.
And make your horrendous ride to a joyful ride.
The family time is there forever.
This is the time that we forget never.
Life is easy with family and their care.
It’s our biggest truth, especially when there is any dare.
When we are down and out, we always need a lift.
Our family to us is the God’s biggest gift.
Sahildeep Singh Raina
Cluster University of Jammu


When the branches of trees
Kissed each other in peace
When the sun concealed
Itself behind the mountains
When the sweet breeze blew
So fast beautiful and new
When the insects went to
Get nectar form flowers.
When the fish in the clear water as
besides itself with laughter
They came closer, met and sat under
The trees to have a warm embrace
Hira Lal Bhat