inner voice

Mr. Covid – The Unpleasant Guest


And there he goes Mr. Covid!
Smirking all the way…
Through every street and every throng,
Working all yellow and grey!
Poor virus, Ain’t he knackered?
Of picking on folk and infecting,
Perhaps, for him would it be an easier task
If mortals bestow some mercy on pitiful Mr. Covid,
And go without a mask!
Tout de suite, Mr. Covid enraptured,
Oh! His ecstasy to see the rabble…
Ain’t he befuddled?
Rather looking at that bugger’s warmth
To welcome his presence!
So elated is Mr. Covid
Smirking all the way!
Through every street and every throng,
And for this warmth, we all will hafta pay…



With you becoming old ,
And the nights turning cold .
I have some confessions ,
I wish I had told .
When the time was right ,
When you held me tight .
But never realised ,
As it turned to hatred and fight .
You have a great professional life ,
Who never really mattered ,
Were your son and wife .
The worst thing to which I grew ,
Was having a father who I never knew .
You could’ve initiated the start .
A pint of sweat saves gallons of bloodbath .
But it’s too late.
I never wanted to make you feel sad .
Now that you have realised ,
This poem is for you , Dad .
Arnav Sharma


Seven wonders of life

All kings, queens, prime ministers or presidents
Were/are born to some lovely mother
Thereby symbolizing mother
As a unique symbol of divine respect
Like a goddess on earth.
A sister pet takes a pledge
To take care of her brother through thick and thin
Brother is no less who promises for whole life
To provide her protection and well remembers rakhi ka bandan
The relationship between the two is purest of the pure
Like twenty four carat gold
A father is family’s beast of burden
Carries family’s financial burden on his head
Never gives up but, and leads from the front
And always desires his children to do better than him
Love all and hate none
Let humanity and humanism thrive
Your spouse is your strength
What is that you cannot achieve
When she stands by your side, as simple as that
Friends are hidden treasure, but a rare brand
Not from your bloodline clan
But standing by your side twenty four into seven
And are a gift from heaven
Children and grand children are gems and diamonds together
And exists divine power in them
Take care of their elders without a grudge
Aberrations if, any are unwelcome
Col Parmjit Singh