Inner Voice


The days have gone old yet the wound is fresh,
my soul is now dead, inside a lifeless flesh.
Frantic are both days and dreams,
when will they have pity on my silent screams.
My lips are silent, but the soul inside shouts,
my trust and love for others is now turning into doubts.
The eyes of every man wants me to eat,
why in my mind, this wanders on repeat?
Why my body, every hand wants to chase
they’re humans but like demons they behave.
To feelings and emotions, they pay no heed
i smile all day and in nights, tears i bleed.
Now creepy are the smiles and helps are a trap,
over dirty minds, innocent faces are wrapped.
Love and relations are now just goods for trade,
even the shadows of men, now make me afraid.
No matter how hard i try, that day i can u forget,
i wish if being a girl would not be a regret.
Himani Gupta
BBSSVP (12th), Udhampur.

In fake world

I wear a mask
Just like u all do…….
No one is real
With a personality others make……
I keep on living in this world that’s fake
We all just show the world
How our life is just perfect!
Deep inside we all are broken
But this emotion is not shown……
In the ocean of our ego, greed and show off
Infinite life seems so still…..
I am lost in this world that’s fake
Its hard to trust someone, hard to find someone strong…….
Who can handle my emotions
That will definitely
Never fade away………
Pranvi Khajuria
Gandhi Nagar, Jammu

‘Hare Krishna’

O Krishna,
the deity of deities,
The glorious name of thee
Makes us feel glee
and liberate us from
the bondage of birth and death.
The bizarre worldly pleasures
Repel us from the real treasures.
Let’s know and realise the real treasure
Let’s acquaint ourselves with the philosophy
Ultimate and transcendental.
The world is mortal and awful
Chant Krishna’s name, be fearless
and blissful.
Let’s close our eyes and chant Krishna’s name
Let’s get rid of ourselves from false fame.
Alka Sharma
Teacher at GMS Alora, Satwari


These are spontaneous ,
They happen by chance .
As some keep trying ,
While others don’t even give a glance .
Some got choices ,
While others got options .
Even a worthless penny ,
Could be sold for millions in the auctions .
When time is hard , Never run .
Else you would be the soldier ,
Who couldn’t use a loaded gun .
If there are no opportunities , Create one .
Just like Mohammad Ali ,
Make the world stun .
Arnav Sharma
Geography Hons.
(DU) .