This corona virus is irritating a lot,
Wanna throw it somewhere,where it get lost. Students missing their school,
But happy with the new study tool .
Six months passed sitting inside our home,
Having just one thing in mind, Work from Home. These months changed many persons,
Some ignored, Some flipped, Some changed. Bored off from the regular home made food, Wanna have those spicy street food .
No get together no parties no functions,
Only one routine eat, drink & sleep with thousand of tensions. It was a time when we pleased to have these type of days,
But now understood its actually a type of jail . May this get over soon,
Coz our family functions are coming soon.
-Chavi Oberoi
Bakshi Nagar

Life and its Thoughts

The troubles may be true, but we cannot quit.
In these situations, we have to show our charm and wit.
We have to motivate ourselves and keep moving ahead.
We have to work hard and also remain stead.
Arrogance is a big deceiver, appreciation is a big receiver.
We have to keep our feet firmly to the ground.
Or the things may turn awry, like a huge big round.
Life is a lesson, which we learn.
Because of the ongoing experiences which we earn.
Keep all the positivity, have all the negative things a way.
Just a one good thought would make your day.
Sahildeep Singh Raina
Cluster University of Jammu


You took off way too soon ,
Leaving behind days of gloom .
I admired you a lot ,
Living without you was the least I thought
Seasons changed , and so did you ,
Wanted to stick to you like paper and glue .
I was the grass and you were my morning dew .
Since these were a hoax ,
I realised that you never existed ,
with my life feeling twisted ,
Its time to bid adieu .
For the better of me ,
And best for you !
Arnav Sharma
Geography Hons.


Time doesn’t stop and goes ahead
Can release you from pain
But don’t even forget;
Lost time is never found again.
Don’t waste the time thinking about
The worst things happened in past
Concentrate on future goals
As the speed of time is so fast
Be good at managing the time,
Establish priorities, take notes
Keep to a schedule and
Stay focused on your future thoughts
Work on a particular fixed time
Neither too soon; nor too late
As we all know,
For anyone; time doesn’t wait
Kartik Raina
Jagti, Jammu