Truth and Lie

In the race of truth and lie
Both give their best to try
Truth holds on to its own conviction
Lie stands firm on its own belief
Truth says, it will definitely win
What may happen,its value is not going to dim
Lie,itself,is firm on other hand
With a firm belief that it is in demand
Both run the race at the same pace
Towards the target, they have to chase
However lie loses its feet in the mid-way
And finds its target far away
Truth keeps running with the same grace
And puts all its efforts to showcase
It’s the truth which wins at the end
Lie remains helpless however it pretend
Those who hold on to truth, never face a defeat
Truth is the ultimate winner, no matter, lie is very sweet
Never lose truth whatever may happen
It’s those virtues which always get acclamation
Anu Gupta


Transparent and smooth
Abstract and lustrous
A powerful force
Earth possesses water
It’s soul
Every drop precious
A liquid transforms
Snowflakes and glaciers
The pure beauty of water
Rivers, lakes and springs
Graceful and soothing
Free – flowing
Mirrors the sky
Cool and tranquil
It’s spiritual power
To purify and heal
Flows through roots
A thirst – quenching drink
Extinguishes the flame
Earth without water
Barren and dry
One cannot drink
Salted tears
Shujai Shaminotra

No Grey areas

I signed a pact with myself
A pact of being clear and defined
And to be always refined
Pushing myself to a beautiful end
To be happy and only happy blend
At this moment I have no grey areas
All around me there is green grass
The beauty of nature is blooming inside me
And I won’t let this clarity to flee
Me and my inner self are now in glee
This pact , I really mean it
It has made me more sheer and clean
There is no need of wiper to wipe out the unclear thoughts
I have now seized these thoughts in closed pots
Pots are now dumped and bumped
No space in cerebrum for thoughts that are clumped
I can now handle all the ups an downs
Right from this moment I won’t be someone’s clown
There are no blues and greys
All with me I have prayers and prayers
Vaishali sharma
Calliope college of Education

Peep into your inner

Today we agonize
Inside closed four walls
Bachnio’s flood rises
But helpless
Never peep into our inner
We never got free time
How many cities were seen in the desolation
Saw the cremation of the garden
Many people sad roads
Many cry under the open sky
Many on pavements
So many sleeps hungry stomach
Sometimes peep into your inner
Think new that brightens up
Think new that is full of happiness
You might find a human inside you
If you search that person,
Who knows the suffering of others
Who shares the pain of others
Look inside your inner self.
Jyoti bougal