inner voice


Onion Eyed I’m pondering over the plight of teachers,
Working in unnatural environment; soun expected &freakish.
Unforeseen was the situation; Unprepared was the cosmos.
Dawned a new pandemic; which indeed was so disastrous
Life changed to a newness; they call it new normal
They call it new normal; new normal for the world,
New is the knowledge; newness is in imparting knowledge.
In the tormenting earthly life; emerges many warriors;
Soldiers,health-workers, Reporters& administrators.
Oh! Magnifying glassed world, where are the Teachers??
Are teachers Warriors or mere facilitators?
Combating the emotions of youngsters;
Untangling the tangled: smoothening the coarse
Ironing out the differences in the lives of teenagers
Teaching the toddlers; training young and old,
But who are the teachers??
Are they Warriors or mere facilitators?
Working on war footing: Learning, unlearning & relearning
Multiplying the efforts………..
But who are the teachers??
Are they Warriors or mere facilitators?
Teachers will be obsolete they say; shadowed by the online world.
Online they all are now; Dizzy- eyed they are now
They , who are the teachers; not the warriors
Some were technophobic; some were excited
All old or young,male or female; skilled and updated they are now
Out in the techno world they are : virtual classes; virtual discussions ;
managing virtually how
This must perforce come to an end they say
Reality stone is to be searched now
Calm is to be restored now; from new to old normal;
Fault-finders are urged not to whine
Don’t tar the age old reverence;
Hell & Heaven shall hack apart , if their efforts are disparaged
by the swinish multitude
Reverence to the torch bearers
Don’t Eavesdrop the online conversation; of teacher and pupil,
Don’t articulate on one single incident
They are seas of wrinkled sighs;diving deep in knowledge
Shuddering while facing camera;stammering &stuttering ;
yetsoniferous; echoing in all the households
Engaging numerous children. But oh! They are mere teachers; Not the warriors
It’s a part of competition they say;way of extracting money
It’s a Pribble, a squabble, an eyewash they say,
Glued to the screen theyare; keeping an eye on all…
But nothing they are doing as they are the teachers
Alas!!!! Not the teachers
As they are mere facilitators; not the warriors.

Roma Gupta
PGT English
K C Public School Jammu


Panic! panic! everywhere
Everyone is living in a fear
For human this Covid-19 is a curse
With each passing day situations are getting worse
It is killing thousands of people everyday
What’s going to happen nobody can say
A single virus has brought everyone on knees
This all is happening due to thse Chinese
Whole world is under lockdown
Stockmarket is witnessing
a huge drop-down
Meanwhile Mother earth is healing
And that is too relieving
By staying indoors we can save the nation
That is the only way to handle this situation
Dr. Meghna Razaz