inner voice

Corona virus


Who knew that there would come a time,
When a disease would come,
Dangerous than flu or swine.
Well it came without a warning,
Without telling a soul,
When kids would wake up in the morning,
Not to go to school.
Everywhere there is tranquility,
Deserted roads are void.
Wash your hands or keep them sanitized,
Keep up the spirit till we have realized,
That we have not been defeated.
We can save our lives,
If we are following the guidelines.
Sanvi Rajput
Class VII-B
GDGPS Sector 48




So far good results shown
Future course yet to be seen
Wait and watch
But sayam ( patience) and sankalp (resolve) must
Own safety, family members safety must
Safety of countrymen and safety of world humanity must
Safety of all is the clarion call
India’s unique unity in diversity
is marvellous
Respected by all the world across
In hours of crisis we all
Big or small
Rich or poor
Businessman or industrialist
Each one for everyone unites
and unitedly fights
Strengthens our patience and resolve
To stop corona menace our clarion call
Finish Corona virus once for all
Status- quo corona causing
havoc all over the world
Killing thousands and likely
to kill many more
Our gods/ goddess blessings
And our sanskars make us strong
To Unite and unitedly fight against corona the world across
Hamara pucca irada
Hamara pucca biswas
Hum honge corona ke khilaf kamyaab
Hindustan Zindabad
No panic, no fear please
We will win war against corona please
Have patience and perseverance please
Our salute to nurses, doctors, health workers,
other services providers in whatever form and paramedical staff
Jai Hind Jai Bharat
Col Parmjit (Retd)
Sainik Colony




Gone are those days when
I sat in the shade of a tree,
And listened to the music
of humming bee.
Gone are those days when
fragrance of roses refreshed my brain,
And the love for hearing the
sound of pattering rain.
Gone are those days when
I enjoyed the water’s murmuring sound,
And the grazing of animals
on the greenish ground.
Gone are those days when
I heard the song of cuckoo bird,
In the praise of song i had not a word.
Gone are those days when
I enjoyed nodding heads
of mustard plant,
The green Meadows for me
would always haunt.
Gone are those days
when I steered the boat,
And listened the bleating
sound of running goat.
Gone are those days when
I watched a beautiful chinar tree,
The golden coloured leaves
ever haunted me.
Ashok Koul Ratanpuri