inner voice

A Pandemic

The whole world is engulfed by COVID-19,
Has put everyone in self-quarantine.
The fast pace life has come to a halt,
Nobody else but its humans’ fault.
Don’t meddle with mother Earth,
She is the one who has given us birth.
Human life is at stake,
Time to realize that materialism is fake.
Those who want to rule others and show supremacy,
It’s a wake up call; live in peace and harmony.
From China to Italy, it is travelling across various nations,
Say No to panic and Yes to precautions.
Terrorism was already there, now an invisible enemy has erupted,
Stop unlawful tactics or the whole planet would be destructed.
It’s time to admire nature,
Adopt social distancing and Namaste in our culture.
It’s a fight not just against a virus,
It also tells us to be vegan and not carnivorous.
Homosapiens! You are not the supreme power,
Stop hatred; humanity and love is what we should shower.
Come, let’s be together to fight against this dreaded microbe,
It’s a pandemic; be united and face it as one globe.
Anubhuti Sharma


Everything is not locked-down


Sun is not locked-down
Season is not locked-down
Relationships are not locked-down
Love is not locked-down
Reading is not locked-down
Learning is not locked-down
Music is not locked-down
Devotion is not locked-down
Imagination is not locked-down
Creativity is not locked-down
Conversations are not locked-down
Kindness is not locked-down
Hope is not locked-down
Everything is not locked-down…
Kuldip Khajuria


The Woman

And yes, I am a woman,
Powerful, fierce full, dreadful
and revengeful,
Here is a bouquet of message to all sinful,
Keep your goofy greedy heads cool!
Would spread like a magma of volcano,
Filling each empty hollow,
Still keeping our heads shallow,
Urging everyone to follow.
Although attuned with sacrifices,
Would create competition crisis,
With clear and firm voices,
Would acclaim life rejoices.
Dare to cross our way,
Would chase you unto hay,
Revolutionising your thoughts to moan,
Accepting our Queens of Crown,
Citing! Yes … This is the “Woman”.
Shivali Mehra
Environmental Sciences
Govt. Degree College Sidhra


Now when I am left alone

Now when I am left alone…..
I am able to see the friendship they have sown.
We played together, had fun and delight…
We competed together to get more right.
They were actually trying to leave
me alone in this long run….
They had just to play with my emotions
and make it fun.
They didn’t value me since the beginning….
They just gave me frustrations and
sadness in the form of one ring.
Their face was always filled with cleverness and lie…
They had just to leave me like a lake
which is left alone to dry.
They don’t deserve friendship anymore…
This is my feeling from inside of my core.
That’s why my trust on friendship has blown away…
And that’s my view on friendship I say.
During the time when I was happy,
They took part in my happiness.
But now when I really need their help,
They left me and have added more to my other stress.
On this earth, no one can be happy,
If there’s really no one to make them happy.
Avneep Kour Raina
Presentation Convent Senior Secondary