Inner Voice


“History repeats itself”
Seems like it was quoted by an elf…
In religion’s name, again is the riot
Knowing that disunity is killer in quiet.
No Indian yelled for it to be once more,
Then the bane of communalism,
Who did pour?
Form of Marxism, who did adore?
Where has gone, the so said,
Hindu-Muslim bonhomie and camaraderie?
What kind of protest was it?
Which took lives of innocents
And touched the heights of roguery..
Many ruined, many homeless
Wasn’t it so barbaric and merciless…?
Justice must be granted
to this spiteful act,
Maleficent and inhuman in fact.
The same way it took place in 1947
“The History has been repeated”
Morals and the lessons have been cheated
The role of Britishers has been completed..
Brinda Saini
Class 8, PCSSS

Come Spring

With a streak of warmth
The chilling January air
Whispers as I lean my ear.
The sky domed sepulchar
Earth shows up grandiose
Life’s seeds lie deep underneath
dormant, inanimate;
Therein they lie in wait
Come spring you will behold
The last summer’s dead and decayed
Spring up from where it lay resurrected.
The forces of destruction
Being over thrown all over again.
Surat Singh KAS

The Scary night

The winds glow,
The fear grew.
It was a scary night
I had fear I couldn’t fight.
Nobody was there,
Everywhere only fear and fear.
It was a scary night.
And I had fear I can’t fight.
I was alone that night.
And I had fear I can’t fight.
I thought I was followed by someone,
But when I checked there was no one.
I had fear I wasn’t able
to move forward,
And I thought I am a coward.
Nikhil Shibyal


While I urged the moon to be with me
It was quite late I realised
That the hole star was always by my side.
While the moon kept changing its phases
the hole star never changed its places
I believe it was I the biggest
mistake I made
Waiting for the moon to be with me
Unknown was I of the fact that
Moon could never remain constant
as it was in its traits to change its
phases at every instant
After the continuous changing phases
I suddenly noticed my polestar
Who did nothing special
but was always there for me, stood by me,
It was quote late I realised
the moon was never mine I realised
Mishika Moza
G.D. Goenka


Those tears in my eyes,
I got hurt by your lies,
My heart always cries,
The body inside my everyday dies.
The smile is no more,
The love between us has gone sour,
Trust was our relations care,
My beautiful life you tore.
I know you are sorry for your rude show,
Deep inside my heart I know,
That you are my life, you are my glow,
The field of love let’s again we plough
Rohit Gupta