Inner Voice

The Right Path

Standing in the middle
unable to decide
which path was right.
The one with all delight,
or the one rocky and slight
It was like a fight going in
my mind.
The attraction and temptation
was strong, holding me back for a long.
I knew which Path was right
but was afraid of the
hurdles in front of my sight.
Couldn’t decide
Couldn’t decide
Which path was right.
Slowly slowly moving
towards the hustle bustle,
I got an insight,
being immobile,
I realised
what was wrong and
what what right.
Standing in dismay,
for a while,
I could decide
I could decide
which path was right.
What I was gonna choose
was not smooth, but I
could sense the soothe.
Saw a ray of light
which guided me the way
to the path which
was right!

– Vasundra Goja
2nd year
Hotel Management


Our life is like a balloon,
It blows up when something is filled
And simply blows out when it is pricked.
Our life is like a tree trunk,
Some people cut it and cause a loss,
Some preserve it for a bigger cause
Our life is like a diary,
Every day turns a new page
But one day the ink goes dry
Because it has lived its age
Our life is like a school bag,
It holds the weight of every emotion
But one day it will tear down
And no longer remain in motion
But why does everything have an end?
Even those elusive things that cannot be seen,
Why can’t everyone always remain happy?
Why do so many have to be mean?
Perhaps, the answers to all questions lie before
It just depends on how much
you want to explore…

Khushi Mahajan, Class 7,
Father Agnel School,


With the songs of Merry Christmas
Is the arrival of a New Year
And it makes us to think
How quickly the time passes
Time i.e. a year i.e. 12 months
i.e. 365 days have passed,
So fast Oh!! It’s difficult to believe that 2019 is a matter of past.
Time and tide waits for none
Don’t waste time in having fun
With new hopes and aspirations
Let’s welcome the new year
Keep your spirit high to fulfill your dreams and don’t fear
Really, with no athelete the time can match
It’s true that time is too fast to catch