Inner Voice

Where’s the Escape?

Isn’t a splendid morning today?
What do you see
Loads of crimes here
Can’t you hear?
Howls and screams of fear
Rapes, harassment, body shaming
And more
What else is left?
Not the victims we are survivors
With Unexecuted quest.
You aid and abet us
But… We need cessation to
this affliction.
So. Lets blow a conch shell
Because, now we are goaded to rebel.
They say….
Real men don’t Rape
If this all is stopped…then okay.
If not… Then where’s the escape?
Rishita Manhas
University of Delhi


Jaded and bored
I went out for a stroll
Lingering, here and there, I stared
Under heaven full of silent stars
At the road, the light flashed by
speeding cars.
Then those moon tides called
my attention
As if they rose with an intention
Walking by the sea shore at night
The moonglade on water gave me delight
Bestowed with the beauty of universe, as white as snow
The moon’s reflection made those tides rise and bow ..
Gladdened I kept sauntering
Water lapping, whales singing
And thy poet humming
“Walking miles thy, under starry sky.”
The moonwake followed me
like shadow
Then noise suddenly rising to crescendo
The high waves , me , repulsed
Prompting me to return
Walking back to my place,
This brief encounter with moonwake
Filled me with agility; giving
Me rare moments of peaceful
tranquillity …
Aditi Choudhary
Miranda house,


Don’t kill me………….
Don’t kill me…..………………….
My killing is due to rape
Simply by placing a tape
Crying for help is the only choice
But none will hear my voice
My body is all burned
I think people have learned
People pray to bliss my soul
I think police had a big role
My life can’t come back
I think that is a big lack
Don’t kill me ……don’t kill me….
I will never come back
Righa Sharma
Class 10th
Presentation Convent School


True friendship is just a mathematics,
Friends to multiply
Enemy is to divide,
Joy is to add
Sorrow is to subtract,
So apply this formula of
friendship in
your whole life.
Anvi Jain
7th (D.P.S.