inner voice


Bluish like the sky you are the hero of the world,
Big brown eyes and hairs that are curled.
The colourful clothes and peacock-feather crown,
Shines on your body like all the moons in the universe found.
The mischievous childhood that ended with wars,
Killing thousand demons giving them million scars.
The tunes of the flute when it touches your lips,
Gathers every girl of the village to get a single glimpse.
You grow up in Gokula like no ordinary child,
As you were charming, adorable and mild.
You are the begining, middle and end of the creation,
Taught the world the essence of life and ultimate satisfaction
You stepped the planet to give the lesson of Karma,
Freed earth from unworthy rulers and established Dharma.
Everything belongs to you and you belongs to everything,
Enlighten the mighty warrior with the ‘Song of God’ you sing.
You are an atom, you are the universe,
Mother of hundered’s gave you a curse.
The curse felt cursed itself,
As it was for whom who is timeless.

Ayush Sharma


I looked for you in the sun’s beam
And thought of you in every dream
And with you it all came
My new life and all fame
You are the only one who stays together
In every climate and every weather
Yours is divine and eternal love
Like a quiet peace dove
That doesn’t make a sound
But its presence is felt all around
Spreading all around like an epidemic
Your love can’t be understood by scientific
Theories and derivations but a simple and sober heart
That always thinks that you
are their precious part
The power of your holy name
Is the source of all fame
Your love is precious and pure
Like a doctor’s medicinal cure
That heals all diseases
And yet your love never ceases
No doubt you are very intelligent and clever
And for sure you let your devotee fall never
You walk with them hand in hand
Like a mother holding her child’s hand
As she never lets her child trip
Taking the baby to a new trip
What else can I write about you?
For I am speechless how
beautiful are you!

Samakshi Abrol
CA Aspirant


During the times of sorrow and pain,
During the moments of fund and gain…
The times when I own some fame,
And earn some title or name,
The only reason for my support are my parents
Who always encouraged me to achieve my aim..
I have become a shiny and brighty star,
Because of Them, I have reached so far..
They always pumped me by saying.
“Never give up dear”
I love my parents so much,
As their love is very Rear…
They taught me, what kind of this world is,
And encouraged me by giving me a kiss..

Avneep Kour
9th Class
Presentation Convent Senior Secondary
School Jammu