inner voice

we the living dead

Busy like an ant but blind like a bat,
Tolerating the upcoming threats……..
Yes, there’s really no doubt,
We are the living deads.
Smiling outside but crying inside,
With murdered wishes, we still are polite.
No liberty to speak, No time to cheer up.
With ungiven rights, we are geared up.
The devil is growing and the
humanity is dying……
See how, with tied wings, we are flying….
Shouting is our soul but the lips are dumb.
It’s not a human heart,
just a diffused bomb.
Wake up all, please don’t sleep
Walk steadily, just don’t creep….
Fight with unity and take
bold decisions.
Don’t act like the puppets,
Work like the living humans….
Why to keep the lips sealed?
Real faces should be revealed….
Tolerating the injustice,
Never helps the wounds to be healed.
When the limits are crossed,
Our patience ends…..
Just think over it again,
Are we really the living dead?
Gurvinder Kour Raina
Musa Chak, R.S.Pura


Trials of Life

Journey of a lifetime begins with a buzz
Surprisingly I shout out with a fuss
Deep in my conscious I heard the voice
Reaching mind through my Heart
My Child! You are the only one soul
Whom I believe will pass the test
Trials of Life is the theme
Before you count the questions
Have the faith to resolve all of them
As the first question comes
Be prepared to face it patiently
Don’t lose hope, keep on Believing
Each question will end up correctly
As time is the best examiner to judge
When you move on to the next one
You will not be the same as before
Change arises when fear ends
Strength empowers in positive thoughts
Hope will take the shape of reality
Beautiful is the picture of life
More than you have ever wished for
Niha Raina


Stay cool,
Don’t be a fool,
Just like a mule,
Are you a dull stool?
Never be in terror loon,
Or you will see an error soon.
Do something new,
Which is done by a few.
Always be in mood,
Your attitude should never be rude,
As adviced by Sahaj, my dude.
Make your own rules,
Use them like necessary tools,
And consider your opposes as big fools,
Take proper rest till your mind cools.
Sahaj Sabharwal