inner voice

My Mentor


He is a man of wisdom and prudence,
He is a hero in the true sense.
His life has been a roller coaster ride,
He believes in living with truth and pride.
‘No goal no glory’s is his principle in life,
He is blessed with a supportive wife.
For him life has never been a bed of roses
Still he never took the wrong path to get rid of all the worries.
University of life has taught him great lessons,
Commitment and dedication are his passions.
He is not afraid of adversity,
Works hard to turn it into prosperity.
Believe in yourself and God is his ideology,
‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ is his philosophy.
He is my inspiration and my mentor,
He is none other than my father.



With each passing day, every time
Hope of deliverance seems
to lose its shine
The journey is tough and slightly uphill
Hopes and dreams look impossible
to fulfill
Oh dear! Work hard to make
the ends meet
Yes, it is difficult but not
impossible to beat
Time is no bar to make
wishes come true
It hits everyone, what to
talk about me and you
The world is a tiny ball in space
Let your ideas win against the race
Dr Vikas Jamwal
Kamdhenu Homz


Sometimes I feel I am left out
Sometimes I feel I am all alone
Sometime these things happen
That make me believe I am not wrong.
Everyday I meet new people.
Everyday its getting weird.
Everyday these things happen.
That makes me believe I am not real.
Now in this moment
When there is nothing in my hand
Now in this moment I have to take a stand.
Now in this moment these
things happen.
That makes me feel that
this dream should end.
Vastvik Upadhaya
Shiv Nagar