Inner Voice


That’s disgusting, enough of it, I object my Lord !
When will these stereotypes, ignorance and bias end ?
Why these stigmas J&K students face when they compete in this rat race ?
In despair, I’m pointing out this particularly
Finding our Jammu at the verge of losing its identity completely.
The world needs to know more about Jammuities who too live here
Hello ! we are worthy of your attention; of greatness , not just media’s glare.
Tracing the descent from solar lineage
King Jamboolochan after whom ‘Jammu’ is named
Where together tiger and goat once quenched their thirst, ruled by Gulab Singh first,
Such is it’s glory, we,Dogras(of Duggerland) are known for our bravery.
Four gigantic bridges over divine Suryaputri Tawi,as it’s known
Which washes the feet of Hanuman, quenches the thirst of
cattle; connecting old Jammu with new town.
A mix of foothills and plains
Humidity and fascinating views after rains,
Speaking Dogri, our mother tongue with pride ,
Where diversified communities harmoniously reside,
Which has some of the important pilgrimage sites ,
Where lights atop Trikuta Hills and Bahu Fort add beauty to night sky,
Where hamlets are enclosed with thick cover of forests, rich in fauna,
Supporting huge population and land area Jammu has a different aura,
With magnificent Mubarak Mandi and Amar Singh palace ,
Grandeur of forts and museums, dazzling array of merchandise
in Jhiri and Mansar fairs.
Have you ever talked or visited this beautiful geographical region ?
Which has been loyal to motherland ever since its origin ?
Which for 70 years has faced discrimination?
Where hunger strikes for AIIMS were initiated ?
Which painted the red town owing to latest happenings ?
Which over-joyed and celebrated, yet again compromising ?
“The city of temples” is epitome of divinity and simplicity,
With soft spoken, peace loving, generous people greeting with hospitality.
While being the nucleus, all eyes are fixed on valley ,
But it doesn’t affect the life in Jammu severely,
With colleges, schools and offices functioning normally,
where phone calls connectivity;
Has never been scrapped, for it’s always wrapped with calmness and tranquillity.
‘Life without internet’ came as a blessing for many ,
Satisfactorily, pridefully my case here, I’m resting.

Aditi Choudhary
Miranda House, DU


God has given us a perfect gift
which cares for our uplift,
They keep us in their own vision,
which helps us to be a good citizen,
They are nobody but our parents,
which are the creator of our good deeds,
Because the guide us at every stage,
We should always be obedient to them,
by making our lives
caring for them,
Therefore it is very true,
That parents are our angels too.

Sanjay Dhar,
Laxmi Nagar, Sarwal,