Inner voice

Humans aren’t real for her

Clutched in the midnight sorrow
Stuck in the past .
She is still thinking that Humans aren’t real.
Beware my dear…
humans ocean blue eyes are
Beautiful chaotic lies.
They can hurt your body and beautiful soul.
Body to them is sexual object
If she’s the victim then who’s the suspect ?
O lord , listen to her…..her body
Screaming and repenting altogether.
Her body isn’t a toy
Neither for the joy nor for the boy .
O almighty, see the pain she bears..
Her stories are hidden in those mournful tears.
And now she is shattered not physically but mentally as well…
Is she still ignored ..if she dared to yell ?
Come and help her out untill it’s too late.
If changed then good if not then its the fate…
She swam through the ocean of hypocrisy
And found that humans aren’t real
Beware my dear.
She is still stuck in middle of the night ..
Thinking all about how to fight..

Rishita Manhas
Ramjas college
University of Delhi



What the hell !
Smartphone has made everyone enthral.
It is neither fake nor a lie,
Spectacles are seen on everyone’s eye.
At shop ,office ,home or sitting alone,
No work done today in the absence of smart phone.
Youth, middle age or old,
Looks like they all watching mobile phones recklessly, with their brain sold.
Student’s grades are getting low,
At last they just say Oh! no,
Holding their teacher’s and parent’s toe,
Ensuring that they will enhance, just in flow.
Everyone has become smartphone addict,
After realization of time wasted on it ,
Our mind says Oh! shit .
On proper utilization of smartphone,
We will definitely get a full fledged tree,
With the seed which was sown.
Sahaj Sabharwal
Delhi Public School,


I am lonely


When 2019 came, I tried
to make a list of my friends and relatives
and I found that no body
is with me and no relative with me.
No body in this world is mine,
I have not a single friend
Who shares my loneliness.
There is nobody with me in days of happiness or sadness.
My days of lonesome put me
in the room, full of darkness.
But I want to come out of it,
by finding a solution.
But no one is here who listens the word of my silence.
When tears come out of my eyes,
My spirit says that
I am lonely
But God is with me
O.N. Dhar
1/3 Upper Laxmi Nagar,Sarwal, Jammu


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