Inner Voice


Giving us knowledge of something is a teacher,
Having an inbuilt experience feature.
A good teacher teaches us by heart,
And prays God for our peart.
A teacher helps us in developing our mind,
In such a way that is very kind.
A teacher teaches us tricks to achieve our goal,
And warns us to remain careful to avoid any thole.
Without the help of a teacher, we cant work rife,
And many difficulties will appear in our life.
In this vast world, they are teachers and parents only ,on whom we can rely,
They always keep on us their eye.
And we are confident that they never tell a lie,
They gives us blessings so that we can fly high.
That’s why , Parents are our caretaker,
And teachers are our future maker.

Sahaj Sabharwal


Life is nothing but us floating accidentally with a breeze unexplored ,
And when we hit something unexpected , we awake our senses henceforth.
As we don’t know , what is the next that’s going to hit ,
We tend to stick to a place safe and act careless , just a bit .
Sooner or later life shows it is dynamic ,
Nevertheless , we should have tried to get the view panoramic.
Even if we stay , life goes on as it’s meant to ,
No one could ever explain the meaning of life true .
Then comes into play ‘Destiny’ ,
Which is the biggest mystery .
Is it the accidental floating or the breeze undiscovered ,
Or it is the force that makes us feel so unintimated and shovered ?
With the passage of time , we think we’re getting to know the breeze ,
And we try to move in a direction inverse to it’s flow , Oh Jeez !!
This is the most foolish of us to repel what’s coming ,
For , even if it costs us our existence , it will come illumine ..
Then , different beings , accidentally , experience diverse level of hits ,
Some hits evolute the sufferer and some throw them hard in the pits .
And yes ! This accident is the destiny or fate ,
Thinking of which , for me , is an extensive matter of hate .
Naive notions and the first beat of heart account for the hardest hit I perceive ,
Because it feels so strong and there is nothing in return you receive !
Hitting someone ‘accidentally’ and being hit by someone ‘accidentally’ is all I can see here,
Irony is you can’t escape this even by reciting a prayer ..
Then they say in our deeds our fate massively lies ,
Oh really !? So what wrong did I do that so hard my heart and eyes cry ?
Sorry , it’s only the heart that cries now ,
The eyes are just a lifeless planet to witness the hardest life can throw .
All the deeds , good and the best , seem to be going in vain ,
When you don’t have anyone with whom you can share the pain .
Looks the mind for the bad done anywhere in the past ,
To make the present suffering the last .
By repenting or doing something wise to make it right ,
And if it’s about perception , then by mending our moral sight .
Truth is that one has said ,
” What goes around comes back ” , we all believe in our head .
Then why do we receive reluctance for the care we give ,
And why it is expected that , with it , we can happily live ?

Rajsi Sahni
Lower Roop Nagar, Jammu