Day and Night

Glimpse of day and night
Over the moon shining bright
That is the glimpse of night
We will hear the dog barks
The sky always darks
Just forget to the fights and wars
And freely look at the shining stars
And when the moon sets
In the morning the sun mets
We will see the morning dew
No more darkness few
And when the sun is overhead there is noon
But the evening come soon
But all were waiting for the moon

Prakamya Dubey
58/2-Indira Nagar, Udhampur


With love, shine the sun and the moon,
And with love shine the stars too !
With love, bloom the flowers in the gardens,
And with love, flow the rivers to the sea !
The forest retreats are bright with love,
And the mountains too glisten with love !
The beautiful birds, remain together in love,
And with love, also remain together the devotees !
The whole world, interacts with love,
And full with love are the saints !
With love, this heart remembers God,
And with love, it calls to God again and again!

Sanjay Dhar
Laxmi Nagar,
Sarwal, Jammu


May be today, when you walk by,
May be you’ ll smile, may be say “HI”
May be you’II see, down deep in my heart,
May be something between us will start,
May be again, you’ II say “HELLO’,
Because you love me, and you want me to know,
But, may be again, You’II just walk by,
And not even notice, the tear in my eye…

Rimjhim Kalsotra
Main Bazar, Udhampur


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